"Millie's is a community market committed to supplying fresh ingredients for your daily cooking needs. Our signature sandwiches contain herbs and spices that are also available for purchase, along with an assortment of deli meats. We also have baked goods from local bakeries, all-natural ice cream and a variety of canned, bottled or boxed products that enhance the flavor of meals. Our produce consists of fruits and vegetables delivered from local and regional farms.  Our little market is evolving according to our customers' needs and tastes and we look forward to the future with eagerness."

The Millie's Team

"Fresh food today for a fine dinner tonight!"

We're passionate about bringing quality products to your kitchen...

Now offering catering and delivery services!

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Our Philosophy
Traditional values, quality, personalized service with the promise to provide an excellent selection of freshness, which includes deli meat, seasonal vegetables, gourmet items, and more at reasonable prices.
Our Passion
We are committed to establishing a relationship built on understanding and trust between the grocer and the patron. We feel our customers deserve to be treated to great customer service and a welcome environment in which to shop.  
Our Vision
We strive to offer quality service, products, and savings based on integrity. Our goal is to make the customer feel positive about the shopping experience, not cheated or over-charged for products.
Our Products
Meat and produce raised without the use of long-lasting chemical pesticides and fertilizers.All-natural deli meat and signature sandwiches, all-natural coffee, ice cream, baked goods, fresh salads, and hot dogs.